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We have a data driven professional team ready to make the next big hit. Experienced in every step of game development, we like to innovate and test out new technologies.



Doruk Hasdoğan

Co-Founder, Game Artist

Mete Seyrek

Product Manager

Doğa Yiğit

Art Lead

Seda Yüzlü

Game Artist

Rasim Sarı

Senior Game Developer

Kaan Soyaslan

Game Developer

Mesut Atakan Temiz

Game Developer

Simla Beken

Game Developer


Come and join us!

Game Developer

As a Developer at Easy Clap, you will be developing games using programming languages such as C#, for a huge player base. You will be collaborating with Designers, and Artists, as well as other engineers, on Unity 3D, to create fun experiences. You will also be involved in the ideation, and design processes.

Game Artist

As an Artist at Easy Clap, having a creative mindset and making clever art choices, you will be collaborating with other artists, designers, and engineers. Using modelling software’s like Zbrush, Maya, and Blender, you will be creating assets to be used in games. You will be collaborating with Developers, and Designers on Unity as well.

Game Designer

As a Designer at Easy Clap, having strong knowledge of KPI’s that make the products succeed, you will be creating ideas, and making key decisions about the game’s design directions. You will be closely working together with Programmers, other designers, and artists.